ZQuiet Reviews - Does It Work? A Detailed Look (2024)

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Snoring is a chronic problem for millions of people, but it also causes issues for those who live with them. ZQuiet is a brand of anti-snoring devices that also sells noise-canceling headphones to help those who live with snorers sleep more soundly.

The ZQuiet original mouthpiece works to push your lower jaw forward to open your airways better to reduce the vibration on the soft tissues surrounding it that leads to noises.

Our analysis of this device will help you understand if it works and if it is right for you.

How Does ZQuiet Work?

ZQuiet’s product line focuses on adjusting your jaw to minimize your chances of snoring audibly.

Though many factors affect how much you snore, all snoring is caused by air vibrating through the soft tissues in your airway. The best way to stop this process is to widen your airways and keep them obstruction-free.

That’s where the ZQuiet mouthpiece comes in. It brings your jaw forward to keep a clear path for air to travel down your throat so that you make less noise when you breathe.

Skeptical this will work? Try relaxing your jaw and making a snoring noise, and then attempt to make that same noise when your jaw is pushed forward. You’ll immediately notice how much this simple position change affects your ability to snore.

Today, the ZQuiet mouthpiece is considered a Class II medical device and is FDA approved for reducing snoring.

It can be used directly from the box, and you will receive two sizes with your purchase. You are meant to try the minimum ZQuiet first and move up to the next one if you feel like you need the extra support.

Is ZQuiet Mouthpieces Effective?

The ZQuiet, like all MADs (mandibular adjustment devices), pulls your lower jaw forward to open your airways when your mouth is closed. The device differs from other popular options because of its “Living Hinge Technology” design allows for natural movement and prevents you from clenching your jaw while you sleep.

This means that it’s possible to talk or even take a drink while wearing the mouthpiece, which you can’t do with most other MADs. It also means that you can keep your mouth open while using it, which is a significant benefit for anyone who exclusively breathes through their mouth.

There’s lots of anecdotal evidence around the effectiveness of ZQuiet. However, the research is inconclusive about the effectiveness of MADs as a whole. A 2001 review of oral devices for treating chronic snoring found that few existing studies used appropriate control groups, so further research is needed.

Who Can Use ZQuiet?

The ZQuiet mouthpiece shouldn’t be used to treat medical conditions like sleep apnea unless it is part of a supervised treatment plan approved for you by a medical specialist.

ZQuiet isn’t ideal for anyone who wears dentures or has implants for two or more of their six front teeth. This will challenge the device’s stability in your mouth and might lead to dental problems.

You might experience some pain and discomfort the first few times you use the ZQuiet mouthpiece. This is part of the adjustment process for your jaw muscles, and it should become comfortable after you have used it for a few nights.

Those with pre-existing jaw issues like TMJ shouldn’t use this device.

One common side effect for first-time users is that their teeth may feel loose, especially if they usually grind their teeth. So long as this feeling goes away after several hours, it’s not something you need to worry about. If it continues, stop using the mouthpiece and get in touch with your dentist.

Sets and Pricing

2-Size Comfort System Trial Offer2-Size Comfort SystemSnoring Elimination Set
IncludesIncludes two sizes of the mouthpiece (#1 advances jaw +2mm, #2 advances jaw 6mm) and a protective case.Two sizes of the mouthpiece (#1 advances jaw +2mm, #2 advances jaw 6mm) and a protective case.Two sizes of the mouthpiece (#1 advances jaw +2mm, #2 advances jaw 6mm) and a protective case. It also includes ZQuiet Clean, Breathe, and a Chin-UP sample pack.
Special DetailsIf you don’t return your ZQuiet within 30 days, the company will bill you a one-time charge of $79.95 to keep it.NAThis set includes everything necessary to maximize your results with ZQuiet products and increase your likelihood of stopping your snoring altogether.

ZQuiet is also available on Amazon, where it’s possible to buy a single mouthpiece in either size 1 or size 2, rather than purchasing both.

All purchases made from the company website qualify for a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can return your purchase within sixty days for a refund or store credit, not counting shipping costs.

Modifying your mouthguard to get a better fit won’t void the guarantee, and the company recommends that you do so before initiating a return to see if you can get it to work for you.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

There are close to 300 reviews on Amazon for the original Zquiet anti-snoring system, and they average three stars.

Common Compliments:

  • Really works to reduce snoring
  • Improves sleep quality for snorers and their partners
  • Helps with grinding and clenching teeth
  • Only takes a few nights to get used to

Common Complaints:

  • Can’t be used with loose teeth or tooth implants
  • Left teeth painful and feeling out of alignment (difficult to chew after wearing it)
  • Didn’t stop snoring for all users
  • Too expensive for the minimal benefits

The Bottom Line

ZQuiet offers a simple device for stopping snoring that sets your jaw up for optimal airflow. Customer reviews indicate that it works for lots of users, and you might find its flexible design to be more comfortable than other MADs.

Even so, some level of jaw pain and tooth irritation is normal when you’re first using a device like this, so expect to try it for at least a week before committing either way.

We recommend ZQuiet for those with mild to moderate snoring who don’t seem to have other underlying health issues. It appears to be effective for many users, but there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence available to support this yet.

The fact that your purchase includes two devices is a welcome bonus that improves the chances you’ll find the right fit. And if not, ZQuiet’s generous return policy lets you put this device through its paces before you decide whether it will work for you.

ZQuiet Reviews - Does It Work? A Detailed Look (2024)


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